I was all set to give this book a glowing review.  However, as I was pulling up the Amazon page for Jonah Lehrer's new book Imagine: How Creativity Works, I was surprised to find both that the book was no longer available to purchase direct from Amazon, and that it had a relatively low two-star rating.

After reading a few comments, I found the reason for the commenters' ire.  It appears that Mr. Lehrer, by his own eventual admission, fabricated some Bob Dylan quotes used early in the book.  This admission cost Mr. Lehrer his job at the New Yorker, and prompted his publisher to pull his book.

Despite all of the above, I intend to review this book favorably nonetheless.  Even discounting the Bob Dylan segment, the book is an interesting exploration on the nature of creativity.  As a designer, I experience the emotional ups and downs common to the creative enterprise.  I also find at times my production schedule at odds with my needs as an artist, and often question the seed of my own creativity.

The book seeks to explore the nature of creativity from both a philosophical and psychological / neurological perspective.  It offers a view of insight as a process that requires stimulation of both cranial hemispheres, and describes both a period of struggle, analysis, and a moment of synthesis as necessary to the birth of a new creative idea.

As one who struggles with my own creativity, I find the ideas and suggestions in this book helpful, and the content inspirational as a whole.  I plan to implement some of the suggestions outlined in the book, and will see if my creative output is better stimulated by it.  And as the book is no longer being published, I will be happy to lend it to anyone who might want to read it.

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