Here's a bit of a secret:  everyone struggles with their own creative work.  


It's hard -- really hard -- to create something that is both meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.  Twyla Tharp, in The Creative Habit, spends a lot of time trying to dispel the myth of the "flash of inspiration" that many creatives think is just around the next bend.  Most creative acts don't happen that way.  They are the result of lots of hard work.... and lots of failure.

Ira Glass, host of This American Life on NPR, offers this inspirational heads-up to those of us who are starting out on a creative venture:
And it still continues even after you begin to create good work.  You can cycle back down through mediocrity into "everything I touch is crap" territory very quickly.  The secret, I think, is to know when to throw out the idea you are working on, and start anew.  That, and the ability to let go without undue ennui.

If we can foster within ourselves the notion that it is perfectly normal to go through these cycles, we can more easily identify when we are at a low, and can be less sensitive about how we push through until we hit the upward slope once again.

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